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Technical data required for solar grant application form

The following table provides the information you will require to complete your grant application form for a solar installation.

ManufacturerC-Mc Energy
ModelTZ 58 1800
Model No10 / 20 / 30R
Collector TypeTube
SEI Product IDSEI-ST-288-T
No. of TubesAperture AreaAppx KwHOutput KwGross AreaEuro Grant
100.9365260.861.64 m²280.80
201.86010521.723.21 m²558.00
302.79115782.584.79 m²837.30
403.72021043.446.42 m²1116.00
504.65126304.38.00 m²1395.30
605.58231565.169.58 m²1674.60