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Introduction to Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

Ventilating a building is necessary to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, by removing pollutants, moisture and allergens. This eradicates condensation, prohibits mould growth and discourages the spread of bacteria, viruses and dust mites.

Stale air is extracted through the Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit, while fresh air is brought in through a separate air grill. The fresh air is filtered and purified. It then passes through the heat exchanger where the energy of the extracted air is transferred to the incoming fresh air, warming it during cold weather and cooling it in warmer periods. The fresh and exhausted air is separated by a specially treated membrane so that there is no mixing of airflows. Only fresh air enters the room.

The C-Mc Energy HRV unit has several unique functions including ozone sterilization, ultraviolet ray sterilization, negative ion oxygen enrichment and automatic power off. The unit is suitable for most domestic dwellings, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, apartments etc.

To ensure a sufficient supply of pure air, the intake of outdoor fresh air is continuous whilst the stale air is constantly exhausted.

The energy recycling technique ensures minimum heat loss as the temperature of the outgoing stale air is exchanged to warm the incoming fresh air.

ALH Installation Effect Drawing

ModelPowerRated Air Flow
Output static pressure (pa)Temperature efficiency (%) Enthalpy efficiency
Chill Room
Enthalpy efficiency
Warm Room
Rated power (w)
Rated power (w)
Noise dB(A)
ALH-15RXAC /220V /50Hz1508073-8758-6378-837510027
ALH-20RXAC /220V /50Hz2009572-8557-6276-8210012528
ALH-25RXAC /220V /50Hz2508575-8960-6683-869512532
ALH-30RXAC /220V /50Hz30012073-8758-6379-8312515533
ALH-35RXAC /220V /50Hz35014575-9160-6584-8621224235
ALH-40RXAC /220V /50Hz40015573-8759-6382-8422025036
ALH-50RXAC /220V /50Hz50016075-9061-6684-8724028038
ALH-60RXAC /220V /50Hz60017573-8760-6481-8331035042
ALH-80RXAC /220V /50Hz80014074-9062-6683-8643047046
ALH-100RXAC /220V /50Hz100015574-8963-6784-8761065047
ALH-125RXAC /220V /50Hz125018072-8762-6582-8590094048
ALH-150RXAC /220V /50Hz150015074-8963-6783-8682089050
ALH-200RXAC /220V /50Hz200015076-9063-6884-871200127050
ALH-250RXAC /220V /50Hz250018073-8762-6681-831500157051