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Multilayer Pipe, Fittings and Tools

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PEX/AL/PEX Multilayer Pipes

Multilayered Piping Cross-section

Our PEX pipe is made up of five layers: Cross-linked polyethylene, adhesive, aluminium core (oxygen barrier), adhesive, cross-linked polyethylene.

Both the inner and outer layers are made from cross linked polyethylene (PEX), This material can withstand very high temperatures thus preventing weakening of the pipe which can lead to leakages. This makes the pipe ideal for under floor heating installations.

The aluminium core is effective at preventing oxygen and gases from permeating into the pipe. The core is butt welded which improves the resistance of the pipes to both internal pressure and to the stress generated when the pipes are being bent during installation. It compensates and reduces snap-back forces and heat expansion caused by variations in temperature.

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