C-Mc Energy

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Introduction to Solar Systems

The global effort to protect our planet has brought about government policies and legislation to reduce our carbon emissions. Solar power is a vital source of clean energy for our future.

In simple terms, solar heating is the process of converting the sun’s light into heat. The C-Mc Energy solar collector consists of a panel of tubes. The tubes are filled with a special anti freeze fluid called Tyfocor. They are designed to absorb the sun’s energy. As they do, the temperature of the Tyfocor fluid increases and is pumped through the piping system to a heat exchanger. The very high temperature produced heats the coil inside the water cylinder which provides hot water.

This Tyfocor fluid can withstand temperatures in excess of 200 degrees celsius and as low as -25 degrees Celsius. C-Mc Energy only supply Tyfocor LS which is a non-reversible fluid, not a concentrate.

A correctly sized C-Mc Energy solar system is capable of providing 75% of your annual hot water requirements and up to 50% of your space heating needs.

C-Mc Energy is an approved SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) manufacturer. Our products qualify for the Greener Homes Scheme Grant. Our solar collectors are manufactured in accordance with and conforming to EN 12975 (part 1 & 2)