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AKVATERM product range

Akvaterm Thermal Store

The AKVATERM range of accumulator tanks is now available nationwide from C-Mc Energy

  • Highly efficient insulation (100mm)
  • Flexible design options
  • Compatability with range of different heating systems
  • Suitability to domestic and commercial projects of any size.

AKVATERM Accumulator Tanks

Hot water is a basic prerequisite for practical and comfortable living. Akvaterm represents modern ecologic heating technology enabling the most efficient production, storage and distribution of heat required for pleasant living conditions. Akvaterm, a Finish based company, is one of Europe’s finest designers and manufacturers of accumulator tanks.

The hot water tank hugely influences the performance of a heating system. Water has a high heat retention capacity, so in order to maximize on this potential the choice of tank needs careful consideration. The connection of an Akvaterm accumulator tank significantly raises the efficiency of the heating system, lowers energy costs and reduces environmental emissions.

The Akvaterm accumulator tank is independent of the heating system or energy source and can therefore be used alongside solar, biomass, wind, geothermal, oil, gas, electric or combination heating systems.

The capacities of the standard Akvaterm hot water tank models range from 300 litres to 5000 litres. Akvaterm also produces renovation accumulator tanks for upgrade and renovation projects as well as special accumulator tanks whose capacity, units and hot water coils are manufactured according to the customer’s specific requirements.


  • Capacity ranges from 300L tank to 5000L.
  • Can be used alongside Solar, Biomass, Wind, Heat Pump, Oil, Gas, Electric of Combination heating systems.
  • The Akvaterm tanks significantly raise the efficiency of the heating system, lower energy costs and reduce environmental emissions.
  • An Akvaterm tank is not only a thermal store but also a domestic hot water cylinder.
  • Domestic hot water is supplied on demand through highly efficient hot water coils.
  • As water is heated on demand there are no concerns with legionnaires disease.
  • The Akvaterm accumulator tanks are highly insulated (100mm) with a good U-value.
  • The tanks can be supplied with removable insulation panels to allow for easy installation.
  • Available in an oval shape for retrofit projects.
  • Can be designed and manufactured to meet customers’ specific requirements.
  • The AKVAir Solar tank has an additional solar coil to successfully link solar to heating system.