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Introduction to Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating provides comfortable even warmth, economical running costs and a practically maintenance free heating system. As a result it is now standard in many residential and commercial buildings. The C-Mc Energy range of underfloor heating products has been selected to provide optimum efficiency and reliability.

How it Works...

Multilayered Piping Cross-section

Under concrete floors, high quality, heat resistant flexible pipe is laid on a bed of insulation and then covered with a screed. Water is heated and distributed via a manifold to the pipes. The system gently warms the floor to a desired temperature which is controlled by room thermostats.

C-Mc Energy uses only PEX-AL-PEX multi-layer piping, assuring the best quality piping is used in your underfloor heating system. Supplied in 100m, 200m and 500m coils, minimises waste and eliminates joints under the floor.

See main product page for Multilayer Pipes


Piping and Floor with Underfloor Heating Pipes laid out
  • Underfloor heating produces radiant heat rising from a large surface area, giving an even distribution of warm air throughout the room. Radiators on the other hand, heat by convection resulting in the floor being the coolest place in the room and the ceiling, the warmest.
  • Having an evenly distributed temperature is far more comfortable than having a single heat source such as a radiator in a room reaching temperatures of up to 70°C. There are no dramatic heat fluctuations in a room with underfloor heating.
  • With underfloor heating there is no visible heat source. Without radiators taking up wall space, room design and layout of furniture becomes more flexible. When decorating, the problem of cleaning and painting behind the radiators is eliminated.
  • Underfloor heating is compatible with most environmentally friendly heating systems including solar power, heat pumps and condensing boilers.
  • Installation of an underfloor heating system is simple and there is little or no maintenance required thereafter.